PWB : Research Report

MI : Research Report

Equity Market Investment Research

Our research reports highlights suggested equities to invest in to help you navigate the rapid changes of the market.

T3BB : Research Report

Benefits to the investor

Daily notes and updates on corporate developments in the Malaysian and global equity space.
Access to insights from both fundamental and technical perspectives.

Quarterly report outlooks to help you discern how best to manage your portfolio in the upcoming quarter.

6TT : Research Reports

Economic Viewpoint

Compare how Malaysia performs on the Production Manufacturing Index (PMI) alongside other global indices

Market Strategy

Obtain a comprehensive overview of market developments to help you structure a portfolio of choice

Sector Reports

Get in-depth analysis on the companies of choice to invest in (subject to the major sectors within Kenanga Research’s coverage area)

Company Reports

Obtain swift analyst responses to news and other developments in the corporate space along with implications on stock value

Equity Derivatives Reports

Get warrants analysis and trading idea from Nagawarrant reports

Technical Analysis

Obtain technical updates on KLCI and where other select stocks will trend over the week

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