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Easy to use

Single login to access real-time trading information across multiple markets.

On The Go

Trade and invest anywhere via the KenTrade App.

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Global Access

Expand your investment borders to include foreign exchanges in Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Trade local and global market with single log in
Options of settling contracts with local or foreign currency
Access market around the clock

Investment Tools

Technical Analysis

Compare market trends with over 20 technical indicators to spot points of entry and exits of each listed company


Helps investors to be more responsive to the market in a timely manner and track the performance of the stock.

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Fundamental Data

Affirm your investment choices by checking comprehensive 5 years financial statements of companies

Good Till Date Order

Free yourself from having to monitor stock prices for up to 30 days.

Secured & Protected

Safely login with Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) to prevent online fraud or digital identity theft.

In Control

Create your own personalised account dashboard which fits your personal trading style
Intuitive platform which provides real time portfolios, research updates and monitoring of price movement charts
KenTrade e-payment and e-settlement services allow for convenient movement of funds between trading and bank accounts

Research Report

Enjoy access to comprehensive research reports that provide insights to help you seize timely trading opportunities.


Obtain exclusive invitations to KenTrade events to learn stock market trends and other tried-and-tested investment strategies. These limited events feature leading financial gurus and stock experts who will share their knowledge on the art of investing, ideas and opportunities to help you grow your portfolio.

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