Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Islamic Stockbroking


What is Islamic Stockbroking by Kenanga?
It is an alternative solution for clients to buy and sell listed Shariah-compliant securities.
What are the types of products available under Islamic Stockbroking by Kenanga?
We have both, Islamic Trading and Islamic Margin Financing products. You may refer to each section.
Who can apply?
Anyone above 18 years old.
Where do I get the list of Shariah-compliance securities listed in Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad?
You may view it on the Securities Commission website (www.sc.com.my).
Is there a possibility of Shariah-compliant securities becoming Shariah non-compliant?
Yes, the SAC and SC will review the list of Shariah-compliant securities twice a year (May and November). Change of status could happen after the revision of the list.
If I have existing conventional trading/margin account, can I apply and open an Islamic account?
Yes, you may apply for an Islamic trading/margin account.
Do I need to close my existing conventional trading/margin account once my Islamic account is opened?
No, you are not required to close your existing conventional trading/margin account.
What are the fees and charges that I have to pay?
Type of Fee Fee and Charges
Brokerage As per Bursa Malaysia's Rule.
Clearing Fee For on market transaction, 0.03% of transaction value (payable by both buyer and seller) with a maximum of RM 1,000 per contract.
Stamp Duty RM 1.00 per every RM 1,000 (or fractional part) of the transaction value of securities (payable by both buyer and seller). Stamp duty is capped at maximum of RM 200 per contract.
CDS Account Opening RM 10.00 as charged by Bursa Malaysia Depository Sdn. Bhd. for a CDS account opening.
CDS Share Transfer Fee RM 10 per counter.
CDS Reactivation Fee RM 5 per counter.
Additional fee for Islamic Margin Financing products :
Commodity Trading Fee RM 15 for every RM 1,000,000 (or part thereof) commodities traded.