Payment & Deposit


What is JomPAY @ Kenanga Investment Bank Bhd “KIBB”?

JomPAY @ KIBB allows you to easily deposit funds into their trust accounts maintained with KIBB using customers’ Savings or Current accounts opened with any of the commercial banks in Malaysia.

How can I benefit through JomPAY?

Fast, convenient and secured. You can pay anywhere and anytime via Internet and Mobile Banking.  JomPAY banking is free. KIBB shall perform auto crediting into KIBB customers’ trust accounts upon receipt of notification from the agent bank.

How do I make payment via JomPAY?
SPOT ✔ Look for the JomPAY logo appearing in your statements. Note: the Biller Code and Ref-1.
CONNECT ✔ Log on to your preferred Internet or Mobile Banking, and look for JomPAY.
PAY ✔ Enter the payment details and confirm payment.

Please refer below sample illustrations which is printed in client’s contract and monthly statements:


Biller Code: 88096 (JomPAY Biller code for Kenanga)
Ref-1 : Your Client Number

After logging on to your preferred Internet or Mobile Banking service, enter the payment details as follows:

  • Key in the Amount
  • Select your Current or Savings account to debited from
  • Key in Kenanga Biller Code : 88096
  • Key in Ref-1 : Your Client Number
  • Leave Ref-2 as blank
  • Proceed to confirm the payment
  • Proof of the transaction would display a unique JomPAY transaction reference.


How do I know my Ref -1 and the Biller Code if I have not received my statement?

Ref-1 is the Client Number assigned by KIBB. Please contact your Dealer’s Representative (“DR”) or our branch where your account is opened or contact KenTrade support at toll free 1800-88-2274 (Monday–Friday 8:30a.m.-5:30p.m.) or email us at [email protected]

Is there any notification when a JomPAY transfer is successful?

Yes, as per any transaction carried out through Internet or Mobile Banking, a unique JomPAY transaction reference number will be generated for your reference.

After my JomPAY transfer transaction is successful, would my trust account with KIBB be auto credited instantly?

The system will automatically credit the JomPAY transaction into your trust account on the next trading day.

I have been using Bill Payment and Inter-Bank GIRO (‘IBG’) payment option, can I use JomPAY?

Yes, from your Internet or Mobile Banking look for JomPAY or Bill Payment > JomPAY. Kindly ensure you have keyed in the correct Biller Code and Ref-1 when performing funds transfer/payment via JomPAY. 

Can I use JomPAY to settle my outstanding contracts or due amount to Kenanga?

Unfortunately, the option for settlement of selected outstanding contracts is not available via JomPAY