Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

KenTrade Online Trading

Bursa Good-Till-Date (Bursa GTD) Order

What is Bursa GTD order?
The Bursa GTD order is trade order that will remain in the Bursa Malaysia trading system and KenTrade system, until: 
  • the order is fully executed or cancelled
  • the order reaches expiry date;
  • the order is cancelled or withdrawn by Bursa Malaysia.
What is the maximum validity period for a Bursa GTD order?
The Bursa GTD expiry date can be set up to a maximum of 30 calendar days from the date the order is created.
How do I cancel or modify my Bursa GTD order?
The Bursa GTD order can only be cancelled or modified during trading/market hours from 8:30am till 5:00pm, Mondays to Fridays.
Under what circumstances my Bursa GTD orders would be cancelled by Bursa Malaysia?
Auto Cancellation of Bursa GTD orders for a stock will be triggered by Bursa Malaysia under the following conditions: 
  • the stock goes through Corporate Exercise;
  • the Designation of the stock;
  • the prices of the orders fall outside of the Static Price Limits*;
  • the stock is suspended for one session or more;
  • trading suspension due to Circuit Breaker Halt Level 2**;
  • the stock is delisted or expired; or
  • the stock is marked from ready to immediate basis.
* The value for the Static Price Limits of a stock are calculated based on a specified range of percentage or absolute value from its Reference Price.
** FBMKLCI falls by an aggregate of to more than 15% of the previous market day’s closing index.
Would KenTrade cancel my Bursa GTD orders?
Yes, KenTrade will also perform daily checks at 8:10am based on these parameters: 
  • Insufficient stock for sell orders (applicable to client’s account that is Stock Check enabled);
  • Insufficient trading limits during morning limits check;
  • Client’s account with a “Suspended” or “Closed” status;
  • Client’s account that is affiliated to a dealer with a “Suspended” or “Closed” status; or
  • Other restrictions such as non-marginable stocks (for margin accounts), non-shariah compliant stocks (for Islamic accounts), stock prohibited from trading by Kenanga due to credit reason, etc.
How do I check if my Bursa GTD order is cancelled?
You may check via the KenTrade portal, by clicking on the “order status” button.