Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile Trading

How do I get started?
KenTrade mobile application is available for Apple and Android based smartphones and tablets.You may search for “KenTrade” in App Store (iOS) and Play Store (Android) to download our mobile application for free.

Once you have installed the application to your smartphones or tablets, you can immediately sign in with your user ID and password to perform mobile trading.
What are the minimum smartphone operating system requirements to access KenTrade mobile application?
Minimum smartphone operating system requirements to access KenTrade mobile application are:
  • Apple iOS 7 and above.
  • Android OS version 4 and above
Kindly perform regular updates on your device’s Operating System and the KenTrade mobile application for enhancement and fixes.
What are the features available in KenTrade mobile application?
KenTrade mobile application allows you to view real time Bursa share prices, monitor favorite stocks, track your portfolio, submit orders and track orders from anywhere as long as you are connected with 3G or Wifi.
How do I submit orders using KenTrade mobile application?
Steps to submit orders using KenTrade mobile application:
  • Menu > Stock, Favorite or Portfolio
  • Select your stock
  • Submit Buy or Sell order
  • Key in your trading PIN to execute order
How do I verify my order status using KenTrade mobile application?
You can click on the Menu and select Order Status to verify the status of your orders.
How do I perform auto refresh for share prices in my mobile application?
You can set auto refresh of your price quotes at every 5, 10, 15 or 30 seconds under Menu > Settings.
What should I do if I encounter login or trading PIN issues?
Please contact KenTrade Support at toll free at 1800-88-2274 for further assistance. Please note that for security purposes, after the resetting of the Trading PIN, you would need a PC to enter your new PIN.
Can I use my mobile phone’s browser to access KenTrade trading platform?
We recommend that you use the mobile application instead of mobile phone’s browser to access KenTrade as there are features that may not work properly under the mobile browser.