Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Payment and Deposit


What is a Trust account?
A trust account serves as a custodian to hold your trust funds for share trading purposes.
Can I earn interest on my trust balance?
Yes interest will be paid at prevailing market rates if your daily trust balance is above RM1000.
Is there any minimum deposit requirement?
There is no minimum deposit requirement. However, if you use E Payment Online to deposit, the minimum amount is set at RM100.
How do I deposit funds and pay for my outstanding contracts?
You can use any of the following methods to make payment:
1. Online Payment via KenTrade FPX service
2. JomPAY
3. Interbank Transfer
4. Cash/Cheque deposit via ATM/bank counter/Kenanga branches
How do I verify my account and trade positions in KenTrade?
Upon login, click on "Account Summary" to view the current position of your trading account(s).

You may view online tutorial video on how to check your account summary.
How do I access my month end statements and contract notes in KenTrade?
Upon sign in, click on "My Statement" to access month end statements and contract notes. Please perform regular safekeeping of your online statements.