Payment & Deposit


Will a Trust account be automatically opened when opening a Trading account?

Yes, a trust account will automatically be linked to your trading account number. All your deposit in excess of trade related settlements and sales proceed due will be auto credited to your Trust account.

If I deposit funds into my trading account while pending trade settlement where will the funds be credited to?

The funds will be credited into your trust account.

Can I earn interest on my trust account balance?

Yes, interest will be calculated on a daily basis based on Kenanga Investment Bank Berhad’s prevailing interest rate for trust balances of more than RM1,000.00

Is there any minimum deposit requirement?

There is no minimum deposit requirement. However, if you are using FPX channel, the minimum transfer is RM100.00

How do I deposit funds and pay for my outstanding contracts?

Payment can be made via the below banking channel payable to Kenanga Investment Bank Bhd only.

  • Online Payment via KenTrade FPX services
  • JomPAY
  • Interbank Transfer
  • Cash/Cheque deposit via ATM/bank counter/Kenanga branches


Note :-  
Kenanga does not accept any 3rd party payment hence all payment must come from account holder's name

How do I verify my account trading transactions/positions in KenTrade?

Upon login, please click on to "My Account " to view the current position of your trading account(s)

How do I access my month end statement and other trades documents including contract statements in KenTrade?

Upon sign in, please click on "My Statement" to access the month end statements and other trades documents including contract statements. Please perform regular safekeeping of your online statements.