Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Kenanga B Infinite

What is Kenanga B Infinite?
It’s a customer loyalty reward program hosted by BLoyalty under Berjaya Group. Kenanga Investment Bank has collaborated with them to enable our online customers the opportunity to collect BPoints when they trade with KenTrade, to collect and redeem points at any of the 4,000 participating outlets nationwide.
How do I sign up for the Kenanga B Infinite card?
Just sign up for an online trading account with Kenanga Investment Bank starting 4th October 2016.
I am an existing Kentrade customer. Do I need to sign up for this program?
Entry is automatic provided you have conducted at least 1 online trade in the past 3 years since year 2013.
If I have not traded since January 2013, can I be entitled?
Yes, you can. You need to perform 1 online trade to be eligible for this program.
Do I have to pay any fee for the Kenanga B Infinite card?
No. It is free.
How can I collect BPoints?
Collection of BPoints with Kenanga is based on each contract note issued. With a minimum brokerage fee (reflected in the contract note) of at least RM30; you will earn 1 BPoint for every subsequent brokerage fee of RM10.00.

This though only applies for local and foreign trades conducted via online.

Below is an illustration of how to collect BPoints via the Kenanga BCard :-

Contract Details 1st Contract 2nd Contract 3rd Contract 4th Contract 5th Contract
Contract Amount RM5,000 RM30,000 RM100,000 RM7,150 RM9,525
Brokerage Rate 0.42% 0.42% 0.21% 0.42% 0.42%
Brokerage Fee (Trade Amount x Brokerage Rate) RM21 RM126 RM210 RM30 RM40
BPoints Collected (Brokerage Fees - RM30)/ 10 0 9 18 0 1
When can I start earning BPoints?
If you have an active KenTrade account, you can start earning BPoints from 4th October 2016.
When can I get my BPoints?
BPoints will be credited into your account the month following your transaction. For example, BPoints entitlement for October 2016 will be credited by the middle of November 2016.
How long it take for me to receive my BCard post opening a Kentrade account?
Approximately 2 weeks provided the correspondence address given is a valid one.
Who is NOT qualified to earn BPoints?
All Kenanga staff including Remisiers and Dealer Representatives, as well as institutional and corporate trading clients.
Is there any expiry date to my BPoints?
Yes. Your BPoints will expire 36 months and is based on the date of each issuance.
Can I use my other BCard to collect BPoints earned from KenTrade?
No. Only Kenanga BCards can be used to collect BPoints earned from KenTrade.
Can I use Kenanga BCard to collect BPoints from other B Infinite participating outlets such as Starbucks etc?
Yes you can! Kenanga BCard can be used to collect or redeem BPoints from any of the 4,000 participating outlets.
How do I know how much BPoints have been collected?
There are few ways to check:
  1. Mobile App: Download B Infinite Mobile App via Google Play Store for Android users or Apple App Store for IOS users. *Please take note that you are required to sign up via your email address or FaceBook account to access to the mobile app and it allows you to sync up maximum 5 BCards.
  2. Website: Log onto B Infinite website at www.binfinite.com.my. *Please take note that no registration required. You are required to key in card number and pin (stated at the back of the card) and log on to check the balance of the BPoints for Kenanga BCard only.
  3. SMS: BINFINITE<space>points<space>16 digit card number<space>PIN. Send to 33310. RM0.30 per SMS will be charged.
  4. Call: B Infinite call centre at 03-2141 8080.
Do I still need to register at B Infinite website?
No your card has been pre-activated. To log onto the B Infinite website / app, you just need your Kenanga BCard number.
How can I get my PIN number to log onto the B Infinite website?
You can get your PIN on the back of the Kenanga BCard (scratch-off feature). For security reasons, you are advised to change your PIN after your first login onto the B Infinite website.
How can I perform redemption?
Redeem services/products from B Infinite merchant outlets on the spot or via B Infinite website or mobile app. For details, please refer to http://www.binfinite.com.my/how-to-redeem.php
Do I need to carry my Kenanga BInfinite card to collect or redeem BPoints?
No. So long as you download the B Infinite app to your mobile device and link your Kenanga BCard to it, you just need to bring your device to collect or redeem points on the spot.
What happen if I lost my physical Kenanga BCard?
If you have linked your BCard to the B Infinite Mobile App, BPoints will remain in your B Infinite virtual card account. However, if you wish to get a new physical card, you may contact us at 1800-88-2274 or email to KenTrade@kenanga.com.my for card replacement and BPoints transfer. It will take approximately 14 working days for replacement of card and points transfer.